WNPC’s goals are to provide the SUNY New Paltz community with informative and entertaining programming while allowing students to learn television production and administration fundamentals. These include the areas of programming, production, marketing, videography, engineering, and news.

WNPC utilizes many resources to accomplish these goals, including professional, industrial, and commercial equipment. Some highlights include Mini-DV, DVD, and HD video formats. Our production structure has moved towards a tapeless format which enhances our non-linear editing equipment.

SUNY New Paltz campus cable is provided through and is made possible by Residence Life and Campus Auxiliary Services. Broadcast stations are taken from New Paltz Time Warner Cable while all of the cable networks are taken from satellite feed.

WNPC-TV is a student run television station, and not a video production house. We do not have the facilities to go out to an event, record it, and duplicate DVD’s for you. If something interesting is going on around campus, we may record it for our News Broadcasts, and in most cases we cannot provide a copy of the footage. WNPC TV does not archive its broadcasts. If you would like a video recording of an event, WNPC TV will not be able to help you.