About Our Station


The mission of WNPC-TV is to provide the SUNY New Paltz community and beyond with informative and entertaining programming. WNPC-TV allows students to learn about broadcast television, production, and administration fundamentals. Departments include Programming, Production, Videography, Spanish and English News.

We create original programming and report on happenings within the SUNY New Paltz campus and its surroundings. We also provide our content via Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and on our website, WNPCTV.org.

WNPC-TV is funded by the SUNY New Paltz Student Association and is part of the Center for Student Media. With the exception of 3 professional staff members who oversee operations and technical aspects, WNPC-TV is student-operated.


WNPC-TV utilizes professional equipment to achieve this mission. Our current equipment list includes Sony Pro field cameras, Blackmagic Studio cameras and Nikon DSLR, as well as LED lighting. All of our editing is completed using the Adobe Creative software.

How do we get cable on campus?

SUNY New Paltz campus cable is provided by Campus Auxiliary Services. WNPC-TV’s operational channels are 6 and 20. Channel 6 features music videos while channel 20 airs New Paltz sports, student programming and digital signage message board content.